DJ Controller

Arduino-based MIDI Controller that works with Rekordbox and helps me add a third track to my layer of mixes.


I’m a DJ and like mixing and producing deep house music. I own DDJ RB Controller. RB provides 2 channels to mix music, which means I can play around with just two tracks at a time. I wanted a 3rd channel, and since I’m a maker, I made a controller that mapped perfectly with the Rekordbox software.


I used Arduino Uno, 6 potentiometers, 6 LED light bulbs and 6 pushbuttons to create a MIDI controller that could not only play the third track but also trigger Hot Cues, Pad FX, Slicer and Sampler. To map my device to the software, I used Hairless MIDI.


This project was not only an opportunity to tinker with Arduino Uno and Hairless MIDI, but it also gave me a product which I actually used for my live performances.

One of the most interesting part of this exercise was mapping the controller to Rekordbox. The process of mapping depends on the audio software so I had to figure out how to map it to my software. With Ableton, it is done by selecting what you want to map the controller to, for example pressing the button or rotating potentiometer, and unselecting the effect, sound, etc. Mapping what you want where you want is completely up to you as there are no restrictions.