Making technology that meaningfully impacts people’s lives

I’m a strategy-minded product designer, interested in developing bleeding-edge technology that will help to shape the future. I’m currently solving problems with my amazing team at Bayut – UAE’s leading property portal. I’ve previously worked at KeepTruckin and UX Lab at LUMS.

Selected Projects

Dekho Pakistan
A tangible board game to teach computational thinking skills
The first industrial robotic arm that makes anything anywhere
Balance the world!
A visual guidebook to launch a gender revolution
Dyslexia in Pakistan
An interactive platform that features screening and rehabilitation tools for dyslexics in Pakistan
Mental health support platform that helps diagnose depressive symptoms and find nearest resources
KeepTruckin Developer Portal
Developer Experience (DX) design for KeepTruckin’s Industry-Leading Modern Developer Platform
A companion app for expectant women in Pakistan
A font type that teaches pronunciation
A web and mobile platform to automate candidate interviews

Hobby Projects

A collaborative workspace for everything related to contracts.
DJ Controller
Arduino-based MIDI Controller that adds a 3rd channel to my DJ gear.