The objective of our mobile application Baby+ was to assist expectant mothers in Pakistan through the various stages of pregnancy. We interviewed users who were pregnant, those who had been pregnant before, and gynecologists. These sets of users were then frequently consulted for the design and evaluation of our final prototype. The early evaluations we carried out showed positive results. Users appreciated the design of Baby+ and saw it as an assistive tool in furthering the plight of pregnancy in Pakistan.

UX Researcher, Designer and Developer

4 months

User Interviews, Field Studies, Usability Testing, Cultural Probes, Adobe Illustrator, InvisionApp, Javascript, Ionic Framework


Women in Pakistan, especially those who’re pregnant for the first time, don’t have proper guidance and lack knowledge about several little things one should and shouldn’t do during pregnancy. Visits to the gynaecologists are few with huge gaps in between. Often, women are unable to keep track of changes in health or weight during pregnancy and are unable to report such data to their gynaecologists and this often results in undesirable events during or after the birth of the child.

In Pakistan, because of the popularity of the combined-family system, women face several issues that might be uncommon or nonexistent in more developed countries. At the time of inception of Baby+, no such user application existed, catered to the differing needs of pregnant women in developing countries compared to those in the developed world.


We worked with expectant mothers in Pakistan to understand their requirements and developed a mobile app with the following features: