A collaborative workspace for everything related to contracts. The platform features tools such as risk analysis, contract form templates, data extraction, integrations and adaptive interface.


December 2019 – Present

TensorFlow, NLP, OCR, Slate.js, MERN Stack

How it works

ContractAwesome uses OCR to make text readable, then it processes the contract for important data extraction and makes your life easy by giving you actionable insights on contractual agreements!

Generate a Contract
Upload a contract using phone camera, desktop upload or start a new one using one of the standardized templates on the platform.

Manage Risk
Let the neural network automatically identify risky clauses, or track important dates and get insights on important data.

Send contracts for approvals, signatures and use features such as real-time collaboration!

Contract Insights
Get insights on how your contracts impact your business. ContractAwesome shows trends over a selected period of time that help you align your growth plans.

Mobile Application

While the web based application is best suited for small businesses, the mobile application targets all sorts of users. Since contracts are everywhere, it’s easier to read them if the risky or important clauses are highlighted. ContractAwesome’s mobile application (powered by a well-trained neural net) takes care of it. Users can snap photos of all pages of a contract and the app highlights the most important or risky clauses.